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Marcos Ortega

My name is Marcos Ortega, born in Madrid, Spain. I started my journey in tattooing back in

2012 in London before relocating to Berlin a year later. I specialize in American Traditional

and Japanese styles. I opened Stay Free Tattoo with Sindy Melo in 2020.

My influences draw heavily from the 60s-70s American traditional flash, as well as the 80s

and 90s Californian traditional tattoo style. I love mixing Oriental and Japanese folklore with

Western traditional tattoos, incorporating elements from traditional Japanese tattoos and

Ukiyo-e. Additionally, I have a passion for exploring and collecting rare tattoo books, vintage

Lambretta and Vespa scooters, and records! Tattooing is my true passion. I find joy in every

aspect, whether its doing small fine line tattoos or crafting elaborate backpieces, sleeves,

cover-ups, or body suits.

Feel free to approach me with custom ideas or explore my own designs—I am always

enthusiastic to start a new project!

Marcos Ortega
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