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Sindy Melo


My name is Sindy Melo, born in São Paulo, Brazil, and raised in Spain.

I have had the pleasure and honour of starting tattooing in 2015 and have loved every

minute of it! Together with Marcos Ortega, in 2020, we opened Stay Free Tattoo and have

had an amazing time working with awesome customers and great friends, also have been

able to learn a lot, and I’m very thankful for it.

I love doing and I specialize in American Traditional tattoos, however, I’m always open to

doing every style that I’m able to! 

I really enjoy drawing and though I love tattooing my wanna dos, designs that I’ve prepared

with the idea of tattooing them in mind, I’m always happy to transform your custom ideas

into tattoos, no matter the size or the style. 

Feel free to contact me for any questions. 

Looking forward to tattooing you!

Sindy Melo
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